Lehfeldt Penelope Hat

This weather has me daydreaming about the beach. Chillin’ on the sand reading a good yet-not-too-demanding book, a light breeze blowing. This lovely Penelope hat keeping the sun at bay. Somehow there are no children to worry about – let’s say this is a fancy Caribbean beach with a kids club. There’s a strawberry margarita nearby.

Back to reality… I’ve always loved straw hats. They just bring to mind happy Summer memories. LEHFELDT elevates them with a modern twist that still has that vintage, laid-back feel. The Penelope is handmade in Brooklyn with Panama straw woven in Ecuador. To round it up, a thin leather trim and bamboo accent give it a bit of a sophisticated touch.

Lehfeldt Penelope Hat detail

Check out LEHFELDT’s Etsy shop for more gorgeous hats to keep you looking & feeling cool this Summer.