The Driftaway Coffee premise is quite genius: freshly roasted coffee, personalized for your taste, delivered to your door. Simple, awesome, and kind of magical.

Driftaway Coffee

They solve a pretty major problem for people who love a good cup of coffee, but don’t know the difference between fruity Ugandan beans or darker Nicaraguan coffee. That’s me right there – half of the time I end up picking something at random, or I’ll go with the medium roast from Tanzania because I really want to go to Zanzibar one day, and in my book that’s a perfectly acceptable decision process. It doesn’t always get me the type of coffee that I like though.

Here’s how a Driftaway Coffee subscription works: the first delivery gets you four different types of coffee with unique taste profiles. After brewing, you rate the coffee and the next batch is based on your feedback. Your deliveries going forward are tailored to your taste preferences, which you keep updating over time. Loved that intense Guatemalan Huehuetenango? The team at Driftaway Coffee takes note.

Their selection is handpicked, featuring only specialty single-origin coffee from all over the world. Coffee geeks can review notes about processing, grind, or the region. Turns out Nyeri in Kenya is to coffee what Rioja in Spain is to wine. Every delivery will take you somewhere new, making your morning cup of java a bit more special.

Anu Menon and Suyog Mody started Driftaway Coffee to create something they were both passionate about: a better way to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. From careful sourcing to roasting their beans in small batches; from designing the packaging to ensuring that every order is just what the customer would love, Anu and Suyog are there every step of the way.

You can choose from a Solo plan ($12 for 7oz of coffee every two weeks), the Doppio ($16 for 11oz of coffee every two weeks) or make your own custom plan. You can also make a one-time tasting gift, or gift a subscription if you are a super awesome friend. The first delivery is just $4, and you can cancel at any time – it doesn’t get much easier than that. Time to upgrade your morning ritual – give Driftaway Coffee a go.