It’s a tough time food-wise at our house. Tough meaning that cake is the main food group. My husband and my two boys have their birthdays within a 4-week period, which means there’s cake around pretty much every single day in the beginning of Spring. Eating so much cake has its perks, mind you, but it also makes you ponder about your eating choices (and about the fact that there are three Aries boys in the house. That can’t be good). So, long story short, I came across Figberry and their healthy and delicious snack kits, and became an instant fan.


Figberry delivers monthly kits to prepare nutritious vegan snacks, packed with flavor and goodness. Snacks that, unlike all the cake I’ve been eating, give you good energy and help you feel your best. The recipes include nuts, seeds, dried fruit… and no refined sugars. There’s a new flavor every month – recent kits include Cocoa-Coconut Raspberry, Golden Pistachio or Mango Cashew bites. Each box comes with pre-measured ingredients for a dozen energy bites, and a recipe card with instructions & nutrition facts. They are super easy to make – great to get little ones in the kitchen and make something together.

Figberry was started by Kori and Nisha, two friends with a shared love of good, healthy food. They tell us more about the early days of Figberry, their exciting plans for the coming months, and their favorite food spots around town.

Figberry Kori and Nisha

What inspired you to start your business?
Our friendship blossomed due to our shared interest in plant-based food, so it was really only a matter of time before we created something! We were hosting weekly vegan dinner parties in Williamsburg for our friends when we realized people really loved the simple plant-based desserts we were making. At first we toyed around with the idea of selling the bites pre-made and on-line, but that didn’t seem unique enough. Half the fun of these energy bites is making them, so we decided to try and give people that experience in their own homes.

What makes your snacks different?
Our snacks are plant-based, free of refined sugars, and contain no artificial ingredients. There’s a lot of vegan snack food out there that people think is healthy just because it’s vegan, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Vegan food can (and often does) contain all of the sugars and chemicals found in their dairy-laden counterparts. We really want to give people an alternative — real food that makes them feel awesome.


Any exciting plans for the next few months?
We do have some exciting plans! We’re starting to feature guest chefs to design our monthly flavors, as well as donating a portion of our sales to the chefs’ favorite charity. And we’re finally launching our new branding soon. (We seriously made our current logo in PicMonkey.)

The biggest thing we’re excited for is a subscription program that’s designed especially for girls. Each box will come with specialized content that’s designed to foster confidence and self-esteem in girls. Our hope is to create a curriculum to help develop these skills, using our snack kits as the vehicle. We don’t care what anyone says about how far we’ve come with gender equality – women face discrimination and harassment on a daily basis (at least we do) and we want to help create an army of girls who refuse to accept it. Are we taking snacks too seriously? Maybe. We’ll see when the program launches this fall!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
We wish we knew the importance of funnels. Trying to spoon 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon into tiny little bags without a funnel is a punishment we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

What are your go-to spots for good eats?
This is hard – there’s so many great places in Brooklyn! Some of our favorite places to eat are Sun in Bloom, Paulie Gee’s, Lil Choc Apothecary, byChloe, and Zizi Limona. We also love the Museum of Food and Drink and just about every coffee shop we see. We love food – but that’s probably painfully obvious by now. 🙂

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