10 (Actually Cool) Valentine’s Day Gifts, Made in Brooklyn

Oh hi February! What took you so long? As much as I feel like January blew by insanely quickly, February to me is the tail end of this uphill time of the year that I spend mostly fantasizing about warmer destinations to move to. With February also comes Valentine’s Day, which as cheesy as it is, it’s always been one of my favorite holidays.

Once you’re married with kids, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to take a day to slow down, focus on each other, and remember why you’re in this mess together. Whether you’re on the same boat dealing with the lovely chaos of young kids or just starting your adventure together, I hope you’ll find something you will both love in our roundup of 10 *actually cool* gift ideas for your valentine. They’re mostly unisex, 100% local and thoughtfully made.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts #madeinbrooklyn

1. Star Wars Ice Cream 3-Pack – Ample Hills, $30

2. Match Striker – Sea Salt Water, $15

3. Very Berry Bliss Balls – Råw Bliss Balls, $18 for 4 bags

4. Roll Top Leather Backpack – TM1985, $410

5. ‘Home’ Embroidered Hoop – Shipped to Sea, $29

6. Set of 2 Coconut Wax Candles – Keap, $65

7. Virgin Chocolate Monthly Subscription – Raaka Chocolates, $75 for 3 months

8. Fire Island Vintage Travel Poster – Lost Dog, $20-$150

9. Annie’s Ginger Elixir, Pack of 6 – Annie’s, $66

10. Landscape Jar – Calyer Ceramics, $80

Tough to choose, right? What’s your pick?

Happy V-Day!