Kickstarter goodness: Unsolicited Advice Planner

Unsolicited Advice planner

Brooklyn-based designer Adam J. Kurtz does it again: for the 6th year, he’s presenting his Unsolicited Advice planner on Kickstarter. It’s everything you’d want in a planner but never thought possible. It’s compact, it’s organized but not overkill, it’s supportive. It helps keep you in check but doesn’t frown at you when life, well, happens. It makes you smile.

With this new Kickstarter campaign, Kurtz is keeping things affordable AND nudging you to share the love. All rewards come with bundles, so you can get a planner for yourself and another one to gift to a deserving friend. You can also get your hands on the designer’s new book, “Things Are What You Make of Them”.

Make your pledge by September 28 at 3am (!). We’re looking forward to seeing this lovely little planner in person.