A Cause We Love:
Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Love Potion #9

Brooklyn Candle Studio | Love Potion #9

Love trumps hate.

While the current madness may make us feel helpless, we can all do something to stand up to bigotry and hate. Donate, continue to speak up, call your representatives. Have an honest & calm conversation with your Trump-supporting neighbor. Tamara Mayne, founder of Brooklyn Candle Studio and a 2006 graduate of UVA, has decided to do her bit by donating 10% of all proceeds of their Love Potion #9 candle to the ACLU.

About the initiative, Tamara said “in light of the horrific terror incited by hate groups in Charlottesville, we will be donating 10% of proceeds from our Love Potion #9 candle to the ACLU. As a graduate of UVA, the events in Charlottesville obviously hit very close to home, and I am absolutely appalled by them. As a woman, a mother, an Asian-American, and as an employer of woman and minorities, and, frankly, as a human being, I feel that I have a duty to give back by helping those fighting for equality here in the United States. I would like this candle to serve as a reminder to choose love, not hate.

Yet another reason to love this wonderful company, based in Sunset Park. Spread the #9 love.

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