Indulge for a Good Cause with Rescue Chocolate

The moral of the story of how Rescue Chocolate came about is that eating chocolate for breakfast is a great idea. Founder Sarah Gross had her aha! moment as she was munching on some chocolate one morning. She was getting ready to walk her dog, Mocha, which she had adopted a few months before. “Suddenly it occurred to me: why not put together my two loves? How about developing a scrumptious new dark chocolate line, selling it, and donating the profits to animals in need?

Rescue Chocolate

In full disclosure, at the time Sarah was working part-time at Gnosis, a raw chocolate company in Queens, so eating chocolate for breakfast was kind of like working from home. At Gnosis, she had developed a best-selling flavor, so she definitely had the chocolate knowledge necessary to launch an amazing-tasting line. She teamed up with executive chef Jean Francois Bonnet at Tumbador, which produces Rescue Chocolate’s delectable vegan bars.

Rescue Chocolate


Each flavor sheds light on a different problem caused by the pet “overpopulation” epidemic. You’ll find Peanut Butter Pit Bull (crispy peanut butter and chocolate, countering the negative public image of the pit bull-type dogs), Forever Mocha (hazelnut praline and coffee, highlighting ways to help people make and honor a lifetime commitment to their pets), or The Fix (plain 66%, highlighting the importance of spay and neuter)

Growing up, Sarah volunteered at her local animal shelter. Before she adopted Mocha, she didn’t consider having a pet – her lease didn’t allow pets in the apartment. But when she saw Mocha’s picture online, “Mocha’s eyes stuck with me“. Now Rescue Chocolate is a growing company donating 100% of net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. They just introduced Robust Rescue, a line of pure dark chocolate that uses only two ingredients: cacao and sugar.

Robust Rescue

You will find Rescue Chocolate at Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on December 14th. You can also shop online at