Super Awesome Dolls for Boys and Girls by Mio Múcaro

Bye bye, stereotypes. Hello, play time with Mio Múcaro.

Here is something that apparently should be incredibly shocking: my younger son loves dolls. In the current landscape of cookie-cutter, glitter vs. trucks kids brands, this is a tough proposition. It wasn’t easy to find a boy-doll he could carry around and play with. I wish I had come across Mio Múcaro sooner.

Superhero Dolls for boys

Superhero Dolls for Boys

Mio Múcaro doesn’t only create super cool dolls for boys. Their girl dolls also have a clean, retro-inspired design with styles and colors that are a far cry from the all-purple, overly-frilly dolls out there. Here’s another shocker (hold on to your seats!): girls like superheroes too.

Heroine Doll | Brooklyn Makers

Heroine Dolls | Brooklyn Makers

Designer Erika Nazario started creating her handmade dolls for her young son in late 2013. She made some more for friends and relatives, and the requests kept on coming. The official launch of the business followed in the summer of 2014. Erika sketches each design by hand, inspired by her childhood in Puerto Rico and her son Milo. The dolls are hand-sewn, featuring eco-friendly and non-allergenic materials.

We were thrilled work with Mio Mucaro and showcase their dolls on the Brooklyn Makers Shop – including Ms. Pretty Ballerina and the cutest pirate we’ve ever seen:

Ballerina doll by Mio Mucaro

Pirate dolls for boys

Check out Mio Múcaro dolls for boys and girls.