A Kickstarter We Love: Kallio workSHOP

Our friends at sustainable children’s clothing line Kallio have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make their workSHOP a reality.

Kallio workSHOP

It’s a pretty cool concept. The modular space will serve several functions: it will be home to the new Kallio studio, a pop-up shop storefront open to local like-minded designers, and an educational space for a wide range of workshops.

Kallio has been growing since they launched their eco-conscious line of kids clothes. They’ve stayed true to their values: simplicity, sustainability and great design. Their line of one-of-a-kind dresses, jackets and even baby clothes made with quality reclaimed men’s shirts just keeps getting better and better. In this next phase they focus on their passion for the local community, creating a space open both to designers and the general public.


Founder Karina Kallio has had an eye on the space for a long time. It needs a good amount of love – the ceiling and floors need to be replaced, lighting needs to be installed, and the interior needs to be configured for this multi-function space to work smoothly. Every little bit helps! They are offering a wide range of rewards on Kickstarter, from aromatherapy sachets to their signature sleeve pants or even a month-long pop up shop.

Let’s help them reach their goal! Head over to the Kallio workSHOP campaign on Kickstarter for more details. We are really looking forward to seeing their community-building workSHOP space become a reality.