Happy Making at Hiho Batik

You may be familiar with Hiho Batik’s cool line of t-shirts. If you’re in Brooklyn, you can get creative and make your very own batik tee at their beautiful studio/shop! It’s a really great activity for kids and adults alike.

A few weeks ago, I was brainstorming to come up with a creative activity to do with my son on his 6th birthday that we would both enjoy. Not the playground, absolutely not Bounce-U, no Spiderman-anything. A make-your-own session Hiho Batik was just perfect. He was so excited when I told him he’d be creating his own t-shirt, he spent days making sketches in anticipation. The Hiho Batik staff was incredibly kind and patient, and we had a blast going through the different stages of creating a batik tee.

step 1: drawing your design with a sharpie

step 2: to the light table!

step 3: transfer your design to a tee using hot wax

beautiful, rich colors

step 4: color in!

A week after our fun making session, we picked up our shirts. Nico was psyched with his tee. His design is based on a symbol from his most recent movie obsession, Space Buddies. He is so proud to wear his very own one-of-a-kind t-shirt!

Nico's batik tee

Call Hiho Batik at 718.622.4446 to schedule your making session. They’re located in Park Slope at 184 5th Avenue