Celine’s Dolls – Back to Childhood

Meet Laura. She makes me want to be 4 again.

Celine's Dolls - Laura

Laura is a handmade doll like no other. Celine’s Dolls are all one-of-a-kind, handmade with love in Williamsburg. Here’s the charming Mushroom Princess.

Celine's Dolls - Mushroom Princess

Their maker, Celine, is like a modern day Geppeto – except she’s a lovely French woman instead of an Italian grandpa. She does not sketch or plan the dolls, they come together as she sews dresses, hair, and shoes. Can we talk about the shoes?

Celine's Dolls - lovely, removable shoes

Celine’s handmade dolls take us back to a time when toys were carefully-made heirlooms that stayed with us until we were happy to pass them on to another generation. Each doll has her own personality and is made with fine hypo-allergenic materials (merino wool, fiberfill, cotton fabrics – some imported directly from France and Japan).

The story behind Celine’s Dolls is pretty unexpected. It all started with a rescue kitten that Celine and her husband adopted years ago. The mischievous orange tabby had Pica disorder – he ate fabric like it was going out of style. Celine started making him catnip toys with scraps of non-toxic materials. Something clicked as the scaredy kitten watched Celine turn the fabric pieces into something, and we’re happy to report the Fica syndrome subsided.

At that time, Celine was working full-time in the fashion photography industry. From catnip toys she moved on to creating toys for her friends’ kids. Along came a request for a princess, and soon Celine defined her world of beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade dolls. She loved the simplicity that came with her craft, which contrasted with the complex fashion world. A year and a half ago she made the leap and quit her job to devote herself to her growing business.

Celine's Dolls - Super Hipsterette

Williamsburg has been Celine’s home and creative haven for the past two years. After many years living in Chelsea, she has found a community that she really connects with. “I find a strong sense of community and a complicit√© between the many women entrepreneurs who know to help each other”. Celine is inspired by the laid-back and creative character of her neighborhood. A self-described aspiring hula hoop ninja, Celine is passionate about her craft and finds it incredibly rewarding. Like one of her other passions, mentoring, her handmade dolls bring her the joy of knowing she’s making people smile.

You can order your very own custom Celine’s Doll on their website.