Cozy Baby Blankets by rhubarb brooklyn

My kids are 3 and 5, but their baby blankets are still going strong. There are so many things from the baby days that I couldn’t wait to get rid of… the crib, the monstrous jumper, and let’s not even talk about diapers. But baby blankets? They’re awesome. And rhubarb-brooklyn takes the coziness to the next level with their unique line.

Yellow tartan baby blanket by rhubarb brooklyn

Carolyn Braun is the owner and designer behind rhubarb-brooklyn. Their 100% cotton flannel blankets are substantial yet delicate, and the patterns… If there’s one thing I love more than stripes, it’s plaid. Plaid rules! Carolyn tells us the blankets “have a familiar, timeless quality — rustic but modern. It’s classic Americana that speaks to people who like honest clothes. There is a lovely nostalgic feeling that we associate with a favorite, well-worn flannel shirt and we design our products with that feeling in mind.” At $68, these handmade blankets make an awesome, lasting gift.

The company was launched a couple of years ago, after Carolyn had been tooling with the idea for some time. “I’d been making blankets for family and friends, and when people started asking for them, I realized there wasn’t anything quite like these blankets out there, and my little business was born!

cozy baby blankets by rhubarb brooklyn

With degrees in Fine Art and Art History, Carolyn is a born creative – and also somebody who cherishes comfort at home: “In my family, coziness is a way of life. And I really love making things for babies because it’s a time when we really celebrate coziness, closeness, comfort and warmth. There’s something so wonderful about seeing a content baby. Every baby deserves to feel the security of being swaddled in a beautiful, super soft cotton flannel blanket. That’s love.

rhubarb-brooklyn includes a team of local seamstresses that handle all the production. Just as I was daydreaming that these cozy baby blankets would come in my size, Carolyn gave me some exciting news: “In addition to baby blankets, we are expanding our line to include throws, pillows, and unique cowl scarves.” Take a look at this awesome 45×45 throw, $78:

brown and pink plaid flannel throw by rhubarb brooklyn

A Park Slope resident, Carolyn is a true Brooklyn Maker: “I really prize products that are simple, well made and beautiful. It’s so exciting to me to be living in a time (and a city!) where people embrace design integrity and unique, local, handmade goods even though most products are now widely available in big box stores. That’s what has made rhubarb-brooklyn so gratifying.

You will find rhubarb-brooklyn at the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair (June 22 & 23). Carolyn is really looking forward to it: “for people who do what we do, Renegade is a peak experience: you spend an entire weekend meeting your customers, drinking a lot of coffee and soaking up inspiration from other makers. We can’t wait!” You can also find their goods on Etsy.