Unique Kids Clothes by Lady Handmade

Three things that I love: stripes, stylish-yet-comfy boys clothes, and interesting color combinations. Take all that and make a pair of pants with an added bonus – pockets!

striped pocket pants by Lady Handmade

It’s refreshing when a kids clothing line doesn’t forget about boys. Lady Handmade creates unique clothes and accessories for kids that take simple, comfortable lines and spice them up with unique cotton fabrics that feature geometric elements and cool colors. And yes, every item is handmade.

Liz Pitofsky started her clothing line in 2008. Like a lot of small businesses, Lady Handmade was born out of a passion that began as a hobby and turned into a real business as Liz’s talent was recognized. She tells us more about the brand’s beginnings, her inspiration, and plans for the coming months.

geometric dress / tunic by Lady HandmadeGeometric Summer Dress by Lady Handmade

How and when did Lady Handmade start?

After my kids were born, and I was spending more time at home, I wanted a new crafty hobby that would be easy to do in my apartment. I decided to try sewing lessons. I had no idea how much I would love it, or how rewarding it would be to create things that my family uses every day.

I began by making clothes and pillows for myself, and then for my daughter and son. It was so much fun that when I met the owner of Ruby, a Brooklyn boutique that sells locally-made clothing and accessories, I decided to give it a try. That was about five years ago, and Lady handmade took off from there. I have such admiration for small businesses that struggle to compete against the chain stores, especially those that offer handmade and locally made wares. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and to strategize together.

a-line skirt by Lady Handmade

Your designs have classic and simple lines. Where do you get your inspiration from?

For myself and my kids, I love comfortable, timeless clothing that can be worn everyday- but have a special twist. Lady handmade’s twist is the fabric. I am drawn to vintage-inspired, modern geometric, and japanese designs. My mom taught me to shop carefully – for things that are special and will last a long time – and I definitely see her influence in the things I make.

What does Lady Handmade have in store for the next few months?

For the summer months, there will be halter dresses and tops, shorts, and rompers for the girls. And I hope to expand the boys line which has been mainly pants and shorts so far.

What are your favorite kid-friendly spots in Brooklyn?

For great adult and kid books: Book Court in Cobble Hill and Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Green
For cupcakes and muffins: One Girl Cookies
For toys: Acorn and Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store
For almost everything: the Brooklyn Flea.

Lady Handmade’s unique kids clothes are available at select retailers. More info at ladyhandmade.com.