Smart Furniture by Casa Kids

Casa Kids’ Roberto Gil understands the challenges of growing up in a Brooklyn apartment. His multi-functional furniture pieces are clever space savers that can transform a small room into a child’s deluxe suite. No room for a dresser in that wannabe-closet space that the realtor referred to as the ‘second bedroom’? No problem:

Storage Bed by Casa Kids

If you do have room for a dresser though…

Dresser by Casa Kids

Siblings will be happy to share a room with a bunk bed by Casa Kids. Drawer steps, a ladder, hidden storage, bright colors – the creative customization options for parents are endless, with the goal of creating the best solution for the space.

Marino Bunk Bed by Casa Kids
Bunk Bed with Steps by Casa Kids

Their cribs have the traditional bars, but bring in some light and fun with a nautical-like window:

Crib by Casa Kids

Originally from Buenos Aires, Roberto Gil received a Masters in Architecture from Harvard and did architecture work for a while before starting his own company in 1992. As an architect, sometimes his designs were described as naïve and child-like. Casa Kids has grown since then, but the success hasn’t changed the brand’s local focus. Each piece of furniture is built from scratch in their Red Hook shop. Their small team of woodworkers is also in charge of home installation.

Casa Kids furniture is first and foremost functional and durable. “A good design is usually when you cannot tell that it was designed, when it almost looks like it was just… built. The carpenter that builds a sawhorse or a table to have lunch – he’s not thinking what’s going to look pretty. He thinks, okay, what is going to solve my problem?”, says Roberto.

What I love most about their furniture is that not only they’re solid and well-made pieces, but they are designed to evolve as kids get older – unlike with most other kids’ furniture items out there, they won’t outgrow them by the time they’re 5: “Once a child grows out of his or her loft bed, for example, the cabinets underneath the loft can be moved and used as independent pieces.”

You can visit Casa Kids’ showroom in Red Hook at 106 Ferris Street. Prices range from $1000-$5000. Check out their site,, for more information.