Stay warm with Threadbare Supply Co.

2013 is starting bitter cold. When those poor people were huddled in Times Square wearing Depends on New Year’s Eve waiting for the ball to drop, it was 25 degrees colder than the year before. That’s right, 2013 wants you to forget about the balmy winter we enjoyed last year. The gallon-size jug of water that I keep in my car quickly turned into a massive block of ice. But you know what, 2013? Bring it on.

Threadbare Supply Co. chunky zippered cowl
Threadbare Supply Co. to the rescue! Their luxurious handmade wool circle scarves and cowls will keep you warm and cozy. Their signature zippered scarf can be worn doubled up as shown above, or unzipped as a scarf. From office to a walk in the park to dinner out, it will go beautifully with anything. It’s both hefty and incredibly pretty, and you will treasure it for many, many winters.

Threadbare Supply Co. zippered circle scarf
Each piece is handmade. You can even custom-order one at no extra charge, choosing the wool and zipper colors. I love this color block cowl:
Threadbare Supply Co. color block cowl

But it doesn’t stop at knit accessories – Sara Lugo, the talent behind Threadbare Supply, is putting her silversmithing background to good use and creating beautiful old-world looking one-of-a-kind pieces that, just like her knits, go with just about anything.
Threadbare Supply Co. low tide necklace
This ‘Low Tide’ necklace is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid story. It gets its name from its ocean and sand tones of the Peruvian Chalcedony stone.

Fort Greene/Clinton Hill resident Sara Lugo has always had the ‘maker’ bug. While in art school she was able to explore her passions – design, textile arts, and silversmithing, including a fairytale-like stint in Florence, Italy:

“I had the incredible chance to study there for 6 months, running around from old chapel to old chapel checking out beautiful Renaissance frescoes, and spending time in studios learning metalsmithing, textile manipulation, and drawing the way people did hundreds of years ago. My time there was very possibly the most blissful few months of my life.”
Threadbare Supply Co. sound bracelet
Sara’s experience also includes an early career as an advertising art director. She left that post for an opportunity to become an accessories designer for a big company. “I think the random amalgamation of projects, hobbies, and interests that I’ve studied or just been curious about have helped inform the things that I make, so I’m grateful for any and every experience, even if it’s not strictly design-focused.”

Plans for 2013? Sounds like a pretty full agenda: “I plan on carving and casting some unique pieces, rereleasing even better versions of crowd favorites, creating even more luxurious scarves and cowls, and launching e-commerce on my website. Fingers-crossed it all goes off without a hitch!”

Threadbare Supply Co. scarf detail
Threadbare Supply Co. knits and jewelry are available at their Etsy store. For more info, check out