Heavenly cookies by Cookie Fairy Sweets

I suffer from a disastrous combination of a madly sweet tooth and a very high tolerance for sugar. I even have the theory (proven, by me) that eating sweets helps when my allergies are acting up.

Despite my sugar-junkie condition, I know that not all sweets are created equal. Cookie Fairy Sweets fresh-baked frozen cookies are like nothing I had tried before. The list of amazing qualities is pretty long here, starting with their premium ingredients and the fact that all three of their varieties are INSANELY GOOD. Don’t take my all-caps lightly. They are some of the absolute best cookies I’ve ever had. And they are so pretty.

But what’s truly different about Cookie Fairy Sweets’ is that the cookies are frozen right after they’re baked. This means they’re free of preservatives, and they’re always fresh when you eat them. A quick pop in the toaster oven or microwave, and it’s just like heaven.

There are three signature varieties: My Man, packed with three types of chocolate chips, natural shredded coconut, oatmeal and pecans; Li’l Devils, for the chocolate lovers, loaded with four (!) types of chocolates, hand ground oatmeal and a touch of spices; and a classic but spiked Oatmeal & Raisin – the raisins are soaked in rum. You can get a pack of 3 bags, 10oz bag (30 cookies total) for $24.

Food-industry veteran Paige McCurdy-Flynn is the brains behind Cookie Fairy Sweets. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Paige is a multi-tasking master, running all aspects of the business herself (with a little help from her husband) – from sourcing the best ingredients to baking or marketing. Originally from Texas, Paige has been in New York for 12 years. She is excited about the success that Cookie Fairy Sweets has had so far, and has a lot of plans for 2013:

[I want to] grow the company, by getting into more grocery stores, restaurants, bars and local markets. I also want to expand our dessert catering line for events: weddings, showers, photo shoots and parties. The dessert catering line will consist of Cookie & Milk parties, Whoopie Pies, Cookie-Cakes and Whoopie Cakes“.

Uhm, did you just say ‘Whoopie Cakes’?! Sign me up!

Paige is a proud Bay Ridge resident. “I love living close to the water and seeing the beautiful views of the Verrazano Bridge lite up at night. I love jogging along Shore Road and strolling through the parks along the water. I love the neighborhood feel“. Some of her favorite spots in the neighborhood include The Owl’s Head wine bar, the Middle Eastern restaurant Tanoreen and Skinflintsfor their juicy burgers and chicken pot pies“.

You can get Cookie Fairy Sweets’ frozen cookies on their website. You can also find them in the freezer section of many Brooklyn stores, such as Union Market, Gourmet Fresh in Cobble Hill and The Owl’s Head in Bay Ridge.