Jewelry by K. Hansen

You know you’re onto something amazing when you find yourself reconsidering a decade-long earring-free stint. Here’s what happened.

Right. I’m more of a bracelets and necklaces girl, but with K. Hansen‘s jewelry creations, I pretty much want everything. I have 9 ring-free fingers that are volunteering to wear this lovely brass ring.

Kristina Hansen is a jewelry designer and all-around creative living in Greenpoint. Her parents are both artists, so creativity is in her genes. She holds a BFA in Photography, which she still loves, but it doesn’t give her the tactile element that she needs in her work. Growing up in Maine, she had the opportunity to learn the basics about working with metals in high school (are there any schools in Brooklyn offering that?!). Since then, she would go back to metal work from time to time while concentrating on other creative subjects. This changed when she started working with a local jewelry designer a couple of years ago. During that time she was able to work with new materials and techniques, and the entrepreneurial bug finally kicked in as she decided to pursue her passion.

Her designs feature simple, uncomplicated lines with a strong personality. She takes inspiration from geometry and styles Art Deco. I could see a cool 1930’s lady wearing this:

While her current collection uses mostly brass, she is planning on incorporating new components in her new collection, including vintage beads and precious metals. These stacking rings are sterling silver.

I love that they are all different thicknesses and textures.

Kristina’s story is inspiring for anybody who runs or is starting their own company: “I’m excited to be growing my business. I started out with a handful of designs and sold them at art shows and online, but as my confidence grew, I broadened my experiments with new ideas and designs, and was able to start wholesaling to stores. That first order was so exciting! It was sort of my first real-world validation that what I was doing was worth something to someone besides me, and that I would now be able to really set my sights on creating a successful business doing something I love. And after coming from over a decade of retail and coffee shop jobs, it felt so liberating to know I could manifest my own career, and it inspired me to work harder than ever.”

It’s the story of a passionate, talented creative who has turned her craft into a successful business. And to keep it successful, remember! SHOP LOCAL! I don’t use all-caps lightly. It makes a huge difference for our small businesses.

You will find K. Hansen Jewelry at our upcoming Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on December 14th. Their collections are available at the Brooklyn Makers Shop, as well as the boutiques fourTWELVE in Maine and Frances Francis Design Studio in Massachussets.