Cozy circle scarves by Alex Silva

The temperature has dropped 20 degrees in 24 hours. That is Fall’s way of saying, “Hey y’all! It’s October! This ain’t Jamaica, get your jackets out!”. So here I am, busily sending sandals and summer dresses into hibernation and wondering what happened to my smartwool socks. After 10 years living in the US, I have a pretty good idea of what Fahrenheit temperatures feel like, but at the end of the summer my internal converter loses accuracy. 50 degrees? Does that mean sweater and jacket, or only a sweater? Do I need a hat? Shall I fetch the snow boots?

In the middle of this chaotic re-acclimation with Fall, I came across Alex Silva’s scarves.

Alex Silva Heathered Circle Scarf in Brown and Coral

When in doubt, October through May, always wear a scarf. They keep you warm and cozy, lower your chances of getting a cold, and when they look like this, your style points triple.

Alex Silva opened her Etsy store in 2009, and has been keeping the knitting machine going strong since. Her circle scarves use 100% bulgarian merino wool. Merino sheep are wool champions, as Alex explains: not only is it soft but it’s itch free! It’s also naturally anti-microbial, won’t trap odors like other fibers, meaning you can go longer without washing and not worry about any funky odors. Merino wool also helps regulate body temperature, keeping you warm and cozy when cold and cooling you down when warm.

Alex Silva Heathered Circle Scarf in Navy and Grey

Growing up, Alex split her time between Miami and New York. Her personal style prefers the year-long FL summer, but her entrepreneurial bug kicked off with winter accessories. I’d say it’s a truly great paradox. Her fine arts background includes a 3-year concentration on Fiber Arts. In addition to the winter accessories, Alex has produced several collections of dresses.¬†She combines her textile goods with a busy career as a still life stylist.

Alex has been calling Brooklyn her permanent home for the last five years. Like me, she is not very fond of the freezing New York winter, but she is working on adding a line of knit hats to her shop to keep us all warm. Check out all the available scarf colors at Alex Silva’s Etsy store.