Handmade Tech Cases by Fern

It was only a matter of time until I stumbled upon Fern’s shop. In this household the 4-year-old has an iPad (a hand-me-down from his gadget-addict aunt), the grown-ups average two computers per head, and our annual flying mileage is in the 5-digits. That tech craze and the constant traveling means we need to keep our gadgets protected on the road.

Fern’s padded pouches stand out from the crowd because of their unique fabrics and the attention to detail that goes into every piece. Fern was started by Cathy Moore, a long time Brooklynite with roots in Upstate NY. Cathy learned the sewing craft from her mom at the farm she grew up in. She began selling her creations on Etsy in 2007, starting with a variety of items – bags, totes, iPod socks. The latter have evolved to become stylish iPhone cases.

fern iphone case

A year after opening the shop, Cathy set off to create a cover for her daughter’s new MacBook pro. She continued to perfect the envelope pattern, which quickly became a bestseller. It was then that Cathy saw the potential for gadget gear and began expanding her line, keeping up with the new products that have become part of our lives in the last few years.

Case in point, the iPad.

Others can’t live without their Kindle or nook… If you are one of these people, please explain. Call me a dinosaur, but I just don’t get it. I mean, I understand the convenience of the portability and what-not. Anyway, if you have one, Fern’s got an awesome cover for you.

fern kindle / nook case

The covers come in different styles – zippered sleeve, velcro envelope, or a pocket with button or buckle closure. They are lined with a cotton fabric and padded with poly foam for protection. They are also friendly on your regular pocket – prices range between $18 for an iPhone/iPod pocket to $30 for a cool iPad cover with buckle closure.

Cathy crafts each caseĀ with a focus on quality and durability. I love, love, her guy-friendly pieces. Why, dear boys, always settle for black? This cool design boasts a handy outer pocket.

fern ipad boys

Fern’s cases are available for laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones and wireless keyboards. You can check out the big selection of fabrics and style at the Etsy shop.