Savory pies & good coffee

I happen to be married to a savory pie hater. Don’t get me started on our gastronomic incompatibilities, it’s a long list that touches pretty much everything, from soup to ice cream. What I’m getting at is, I don’t ever make savory pies, since I wouldn’t have much of an audience. Also, they take forever. But they are truly and utterly delicious.

That’s where Dub Pies comes in – they have a wide variety of homemade New Zealand-style pies that serve one happy person: classics like sheperds pie or chicken & vegetable, steak and cheese, steak and mushroom (my fave), and more adventurous options like the Thai chicken curry,┬ávegetarian┬átex mex or their chili cheese pie. Add some salad, and (bring out your inner Emeril) BAM! Lunch is ready.

The pies look a bit small at first glance (they’re about 5 inches in diameter) but they are very filling and full of flavor. Speaking of flavor, the other major thing at Dub Pies is the excellent coffee. They make me go well out of my way to pick up an iced-latte. It doesn’t end there though. Ask for Anzac cookies, which are only $1, and have been renamed ‘crack cookies’ at our house.

The Dub Pies shop is at the corner of Prospect Park West and 16th Street. They also ship their down-under goods nationwide through their online store.