More than Bread: Baked in Brooklyn

About a week ago I was driving on 5th Avenue along Greenwood Cemetery, with the usual concentrated focus on self-preservation that one has when driving in the streets of Brooklyn. Is the car behind me magnetized, or why does it keep driving two inches behind me? Did that scooter disappear? Oh, there he is, passing me on the right. Slow down!!!!! Why is that crazy person running across the street without looking? Contrasting with my rants was the sleepy, familiar landscape of Greenwood Heights (where Park Slope meets Sunset Park). And then, thunk! Baked in Brooklyn was on my left. It looked like a giant half-block size UFO that had just been dropped there.

The big grey mammoth seems out of place but very comfortable to be there. I do have an unhealthy appetite for pastries, so I put on my imaginary trenchcoat and hat, held my imaginary pipe close to my lips, and decided that¬†as God is my witness, I shall find out what’s up with this place. Pronto.

And so I did. And I was pretty psyched. Baked in Brooklyn is a wholesale bakery that opened a retail storefront three months ago. The shop’s back wall is all glass, so you can see what’s going on in the massive bakery that takes up most of the space. It’s like Santa’s workshop, except the people working there are wearing white coats instead of elf gear and they’re making pallets of baked goods. It’s probably a lot more laid back than Santa’s workshop.

The staff is really welcoming and in general you do feel at ease in there. Before I could even start my snooping around, the girl behind the counter offered me a sample of delicious fig jam on homemade crackers.

As if I wasn’t already giddy with happiness, she offered me a sample of flan. Holy smokes! That flan tasted like the one my mom used to make. Such decadent goodness! Needless to say, a piece of flan came home with me. You can see the the flan action going on behind these fabulous breads:

Their prices are good overall, but the best deals are on the bread. Their delicious and loooong italian loaves are $2. A pack of 4 rolls is just $1. They have bagels, savory breads, pita bread from their sister bakery Aladdin, and their very own pita chips.

The sweets department is smaller than I had anticipated. Jelly or chocolate-filled doughnut-like rolls, croissants and danishes. No cookies or muffins in sight, which was a let-down. Their chocolate did catch my eye – sweet and salty.

Cheers to Baked in Brooklyn!