Beef jerky from New Jerk City

I was so excited to receive this sweet little package today:

New Jerk City was started by Gordon Lingley to produce artisanal, flavor-packed beef jerky. Inspired by the different cultures and flavors of the city, Gordon has crafted five varieties that sum up each borough.

The ‘Brooklyn’ jerky packs brown ale from Brooklyn Brewery, apple cider vinegar, soy souce, mushrooms, shallots, chili peppers, black pepper, grains of paradise, honey and (hold tight) condensed smoke. It’s got just the right amount of kick – my first impression was that it was a manly jerky. I mean, it’s smokey, beer-soaked beef!

Each batch is made to order with local and organic ingredients. The strips are very thin and, unlike most other meaty treats out there, they’re not greasy at all. The ‘Brooklyn’ does scream for beer company. In my case, since it’s grossly hot and humid today, I made do with a couple gallons of water.

New Jerk City is sold through Etsy – the sampler pack is calling my name. Although I must admit, I’m a bit scared to try the Staten Island jerky.