Consulting for Makers

Working with makers is what I love the most. My background marries business development, branding & marketing, and a deep understanding of the local maker industry. Over the last ten years I have consulted for makers and emerging brands in different stages of growth to fix problems, uncover opportunities, and define solid strategies. I can’t wait to hear about what you’re working on.

Wait, but I just have a quick question. Can I pick your brain?

Unfortunately, no. I value my time and experience, and hope you will too. I offer an affordable 30-minute consultation that is great for discussing specific issues or questions about your business. Give it a try!

At the moment, I offer two consultation options: The Grow Plan and the Quick 30-min AMA. They are both no-nonsense and thoroughly practical. I find that the streamlined structure with both options helps keep things focused and affordable.

The Grow Plan

A perfect way to define your path as you start your business or take the steps for a new phase of growth. This consultation consists of:

  • A 60 minute in-person / video call session
  • A personalized action plan
  • A 30 minute follow-up session

After our initial session, you’ll receive a custom plan that outlines a clear strategy.
Depending on your business and needs, some of the items we may cover include:

  • Branding: how should you present yourself? What should you stay away from?
  • Your Unique Proposition: We can identify what’s unique about your business and how to capitalize on it.
  • Online retail: What platform is the best fit for you? How can we improve your existing presence?
  • Markets: Are markets a good fit for you? If so, which ones?
  • Wholesale: Where to start? What’s a linesheet? How should you expand your network?
  • PR: Which publications are the best fit? How can you craft a compelling pitch?

Fee: $425

To start with The Grow Plan, schedule your first session here.

The Quick 30-minute AMA

This session works best for established businesses with specific issues or questions. Whether you’re trying to expand your wholesale reach but are not sure where to start, you don’t know which markets are the best fit for your brand, or are struggling with pricing or building a team — let’s get the thorn out together and move past it.

Fee: $90

To schedule your 30-minute AMA, click here.

Consulting for Makers Testimonials

Teresa was so accommodating and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Making what could have been a very stressful period into one that was focused and clear. Teresa helped us to chose the best website service provider, which has continued to grow with our business needs. Teresa liaised with the programmers to help us to tailor the website to our specific needs. We owe many thanks to Teresa for helping and guiding us through the development process.

Karina Kallio, KALLIO

It has been so great to work with Teresa. She steered us in the right direction to take our website and packaging to the next level. We look forward to continue working with her as Goose Grease continues to grow!

Anna Donado, Goose Grease