Enchanted Lion Books

It’s no secret that we love local independent bookstores. Many Sunday mornings are spent perusing the shelves at Terrace Books, and we go into neighborhood bookshops with the giddiness that many high school girls show at Sephora. What we didn’t realize until very recently is that Brooklyn has its very own (outstanding) children’s book publisher, family-owned Enchanted Lion Books. We came across a few titles recently, and it was love at first sight.

Enchanted Lion shows a level of care and attention to detail that few publishers can match these days. Each book is like a lovingly crafted gem, ready to become a story time favorite. Their titles include reissues of out-of-print vintage wonders and translated international children’s books, as well as original works.

One of their coolest reissues is Milton & Shirley Glaser’s “If Apples Had Teeth”.

If Apples Had Teeth - Enchanted Lion Books

Enchanted Lion has got it back in print for the first time in 60 years, and it’s such a treat for kids & adults alike – particularly graphic design nerds like myself. My 9-year-old absolutely loves it, which surprised me a bit as it seemed a bit young for him. The wacky humor really resonated with him, and he got lost in the beautiful illustrations. I’m putting it on my list of go-to gifts for new babies.

Another of my kids’ favorites is “The Jacket”, written by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Brooklyn-based artist Dasha Tolstikova.

The Jacket - Enchanted Lion Books
The Jacket - Enchanted Lion Books

This book packs creativity, humor and social & emotional lessons in one beautiful book. No spoilers, but I was happy to see my kids get inspired to design their own book jackets after reading it the first time.

Also by Kirsten Hall is “The Gold Leaf”, with enchanting illustrations by Matthew Forsythe.

The Gold Leaf - Enchanted Lion Books

The book is part celebration of nature’s beauty and part cautionary tale. It takes children through a fascinating journey through the forest that leaves them with a very valuable life lesson. It is also a tribute to the author’s grandfather, who was responsible for the gold leafing of many famous gilded buildings in NYC, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Rockefeller Center.

Margarash - Enchanted Lion Books

“Margarash” really captivated my boys. It’s a wonderfully funny book that’s surprisingly deep and a joy to reread over and over. I don’t look at my couch the same way after reading this book.

This weekend is pretty action-packed for Enchanted Lion! On Sunday they’re having a special story time in their very own backyard with Montreal-based Jacques Goldstyn, beloved author of “Bertolt”. The event will take place at 61 Franklin Pl in Greenpoint, from 10.30am-11.30am. You can also find them on Saturday at the Brooklyn Book Festival, a fantastic showcase for bookworms young and grown-up. The festival runs from 10-4pm at 5 Metrotech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn.

We look forward to more magic from Enchanted Lion Books. You can find their titles in bookstores around town, or browse their titles on Indiebound.