Fun times checking out new trends at NY NOW yesterday! The show is equally inspiring and overwhelming. It’s massive, but encourages close interactions. We left energized and mildly dizzy after a jam-packed morning. It was great to catch up with a few of our local favorites, and get to know lots of cool brands from around the country. Here are a few snapshots from our time at the show!

We told you about Ariana Bohlin back in 2012, when we fell in love with her stunning leather shoes. She recently added a new, super fun line of alpaca slippers to her brand, and we’re head over no-heels all over again. The slippers are super fun, colorful and luxuriously cozy. It was cool to run into Ariana and discover her new venture.

Lio & Linn is a multi-faceted Brooklyn brand. They create fine jewelry, colorful wood hangings and more home decor pieces. Their work is delicate yet substantial, just beautiful.

One of the brands that really caught our eye is Massachusetts-based Hey Blue Handmade. Gorgeous textile pieces that are also 100% practical.

We’ll take them all, please and thank you, ok Chris? One of our favorite local brands, Bittle & Burley, continues to inspire with their impeccable work. Loving the pops of color they’re bringing in.

The work of Nicole Aquillano really caught our eye. She’s a Pittsburg-based potter that likes to weave memories and narratives into her gorgeous work.

Another local favorite! Michele Chiaramonte of Little Miss Workbench and her beautiful display, made in-house just like everything else. She’s an amazing talent.

Loomination‘s booth was so soothing! Their handwoven pillows and textiles make you feel right at home. We were very impressed with this sustainable MA-based brand.

We were super impressed with the work of Belle & Union. Their letterpress cards are original, witty, with just the right amount of whimsy. Their reusable cake toppers are unexpected and so fun! Southern hospitality with a bright, modern spin.

8.6.4. is one of the most talented designers in Brooklyn. We’re always amazed at how they master both jewelry and leather accessories. Always minimal, polished, champions of less is more.

Kinaloon is another brand that stopped us on our tracks as we were strolling up and down the aisles, slightly lost and wondering if there was coffee nearby. Their work is vibrant, unique and just plain happy.

SF-based Woolbuddy makes playful felt animals. They also have a line of DIY felting kits, they’re a great way to get kids working with fabrics for the first tie.

Raw, organic, no dairy AND truly incredibly delicious. We’ve been obsessed with Elements Truffles since they debuted at Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar a couple of years ago. It’s a wonderful brand with really good people behind it. I can’t tell you how many bars of chocolate we’ve gone through at home over the last month — we stocked up at the Bazaar for gifts, but, well… we kind of sort of kept them all.

Trade shows are tough. It’s kind of a gamble, and a big one at that, as the fees tend to be steep and it takes a lot of resources to set up a proper booth. NY NOW does a fantastic job every year, and is one of those unique shows that are a true springboard for emerging brands. It was good to be back after a few years.

We’d love to hear your feedback about different trade shows. What are your favorites, and why? Share your experiences in the comments!