About Us

Brooklyn Makers showcases the work of local entrepreneurs. We’re obsessed about awesome design, handmade quality and responsible manufacturing. Our online shop connects you with a curated selection of businesses that are passionate about the creative and unique goods they make. Our blog tells the stories of these talented makers.

Teresa Lagerman founded Brooklyn Makers in 2012 as an outlet for her passion for local talent. A Windsor Terrace resident since 2005, she also runs mimoYmima, a web design company that works mostly with local businesses. She has two kids, ages 4 and 6. In her spare time, she’s devising a way to add a 25th hour to her days. You can quickly get to her heart with a good croissant.

We hope you’ll find some stuff you like here. And that you will tell your friends, and they’ll tell their friends, and we’ll all support our great small businesses, giving them the opportunity to continue to amaze us.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brooklyn Makers at the Greenpointers Valentine's Day Market, Feb 2014