New Chapter: We Are Cut & Crafted

Brooklyn Makers is now Cut & Crafted

It’s been months in the making! We are beyond excited to finally share with you our new name, new look and new events in the works. Brooklyn Makers starts a new chapter today as Cut & Crafted. Oh, and yes, we’re hosting a Summer market event at Industry City! (dancing around the room)

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the name change and our history, which ultimately leads to this new chapter. Many people have asked why we were rebranding. There is no single reason or a short answer to this. It’s been a process and I can say I’m truly happy with the direction we’re going in. I can also say, as the co-founder of a branding agency, that this is the hardest rebrand I’ve ever done BY FAR. Brooklyn Makers is kind of like my third child, after all.

Brooklyn Makers started as a blog in 2012. I started is as a creative outlet, with no future plans, not thinking about it as a brand – heck, not thinking about it as a company. I just wanted to write about local people that I found inspiring. The blog started picking up some steam, which was a real surprise, and I decided to take the first of what would be a series of growth moves.

We launched our online shop on Valentine’s Day, 2013. The idea was to take the work we were doing on the blog to the next stage, and the online shop seemed like the natural next step. We took the online shop on the road for a few popups and events, from Brit + Co in San Francisco to the BUST Craftacular here in NYC. Participating in these events always left us thinking about what we’d do differently, if we were the event organizers. More and more we daydreamed about an event that most of all made it a good experience for the vendors, and that gave people a really great experience.

And lo and behold, we hosted our first Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar. The first year it was a 1-day event at 501 Union. We have now grown it to two days at two venues, our beloved 501 Union and The Green Building. As the event grew, the disconnect between the name of the company and the name of the event became problematic. People would event make up their own versions, with the Brooklyn Makers Bazaar being a pretty popular one.

After all those organic and almost improvised growth moves, we took some time last year to really think about our vision for the company and what we want to do. We had never really taken the time for this, as this was never meant to be an actual company. It kind of evolved over time. And over time as well it has become a big part of what I do. So we took a step back and thought about our brand & goals kind of for the first time.

Two things became clear: we wanted this platform to be more inclusive. We love our local community, but wanted to be able to expand our reach a little when it made sense. As we grow, we also want to be able to take our show to other locations when we’re ready. There was also the issue of the confusing mishmash of company/event name. And we also felt like our name didn’t fully reflect the uniqueness and quality of the talented makers we represent. Over time, both “Brooklyn” and “makers” have become overused, and we had started feeling like the name was starting to sound generic. And so, the soul-searching process began.

Cut & Crafted gives us the flexibility we’ve been craving, while summing up what we stand for pretty neatly. We’ll always focus on outstanding design, handmade quality, sustainable production and local communities. Our spirit is unchanged, but our horizon just became much bigger – and sharper.

The first stop in this new chapter is, of course, Brooklyn. We are so psyched to be hosting our first Summer event at Industry City on June 9 + 10. Applications are open, yup! It’s so cool to be able to take our show to this hub for local creatives and makers. We have so much room to play with, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

None of this would have happened without this blog. You never know where your creativity is going to take you, huh? I want to say thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us over the last 6 years, making all these ‘growth moves’ possible, taking us all the way to this new chapter. To our makers, event goers, blog readers, online shop customers, friends and supporters – thank you. Also please bear with us as we move things around over the next few weeks as we finalize the transition! It almost feels like we’re physically moving to a new home.

See you at Industry City!!