Brick & Mortar Adventures: Lovewild Design

Lovewild Design invites you to linger and peruse. It’s one of those delightfully creative shops where curiosity is welcome. In an era when most mom and pop shops seem to be replaced by bank branches, real estate offices or juice/salad/froyo chains, it’s so refreshing to see a small independent business open their doors and thrive.

Their new South Williamsburg outpost also doubles as their studio. That’s where the magic happens: Lovewild’s handcrafted, sustainable goods include greeting cards, screen printed bags & tea towels, temporary tattoos, tea gift sets and more. From their home base they also ship their products to other shops and boutiques across the country.

Catch up with owner / designer / mama Sierra Zamarripa (above, with her daugther). She tells us a bit about what it’s like running a physical storefront, and also gives us some fantastic recommendations for when we head to South Williamsburg.

How has the experience been running your own retail location?

It’s fun to be able to show our customer where everything is made and introduce them to our friends’ companies. I grew up in my parents shop in the East Village so it’s great to see my daughter Cici have a similar experience. She has fun handing out temporary tattoos and serving make believe tea while they shop.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started?

I wish I was better at communication from the start! Now being a buyer, if I don’t hear from a potential line we want to carry, I start to spiral and assume they don’t want my business. A quick response to note that you’ll follow up later or have at least seen an email is better than silence.

I used to stress about what to write and put way too much weight on the fluff of an email. Buyers, especially for larger companies appreciate quick, to the point responses. I had lost opportunities before due to timelines and late replies. Whereas with my newfound response time we got a deal with a major corporation from intro to their first order within two weeks!

When we go check out the shop, what other neighborhood spots should we check out?

South Williamsburg reminds me a lot of the Lower East Side 10 years ago. It’s a great mix of young people moving into the neighborhood along with Hispanic families that have been here for 40+ years.

Our favorite place to eat is Dotory on Broadway. They have a great lunch bowl that’s super filling (salmon, salad, avocado, hijiki rice, and an egg!) for $10.

We can be found at The Flat’s BKSpeed Coffee on Hooper just about everyday. They have organic egg burritos and delicious coffee housed in what used to be the rowdy bar of the same name.

And for shopping (other than Lovewild!) our friend Zero Waste Daniel opened his shop just around the corner from us. He makes apparel out of scraps from the garment industry! Part of their shop is a workshop where you can see new pieces come to life or have your own custom piece made.

Visit Lovewild Design at 348 S. 4th Street in Williamsburg. Don’t miss them at Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on Nov 25 + 26 at 501 Union in Gowanus.