10 Bedroom Upgrades #madeinbrooklyn

10 bedroom upgrades made in brooklyn

I’m on a mission to give our bedroom a makeover. We’ve been in our place in Windsor Terrace for almost ten years (gasp!), and that room has been neglected without fail the entire time. That’s what happens when you move in with a 5-week old and another lovely creature arrives two years later. Their room is gorgeous, mind you, but our bedroom is a bit lackluster. While I’m working out the details of our big reveal, I wanted to share with you some of the bedroom upgrades on my list — all easy, mostly under $100 (some splurges in there too), and made in Brooklyn to boot.

Penny Handwoven Wall Hanging

1. Penny Handwoven Wall Hanging – gsmcreates, $48. The simplest way to transform a room is to add a pop of color on the walls. These gorgeous handwoven pieces also add warmth & texture.

3-D Printed Rhino Light

2. 3-D Printed Rhino Light – Still Alive Lights, $60. A major upgrade to your reading light, in the shape of a rhino, naturally.

Luna Handwoven Pillow Bedroom Upgrades

3. Luna Handwoven Pillow – AFTERNOONSWIM, $180. Just gorgeous. Handmade to order.

Color Glass Geo Vases

4. Handblown Color Glass Geo Vases – Rabbit and Dragon, $72. Bright colors and unique geometric shapes make these hand-blown beauties a show-stopper. Say bye bye to that clear vase you don’t even remember where you got it from.

Paper Flower Bouquet

5. Amelia Paper Flower Bouquet – Little Paper Flower, $45. If you’re anything like me, plants tend to die swiftly under your watch. These crepe paper & wire bouquets bring joy and color without the maintenance.

Black + White Mudcloth Bench - Bedroom Upgrades

6. Black + White Mudcloth Industrial Chic Bench – xnasozi, $500. Stunning, practical and timeless. Also available in indigo.

White & Gold Bowl

7. White & Gold Bowl – LunMade, $9. A pretty little wood vessel to corral jewelry and precious knick knacks.

California Dreaming Candle

8. California Dreaming Candle – Brooklyn Candle Studio, $25. Mandarin, bergamot and lilies to forget about winter and daydream of sunny California.

Frida Table Lamp Bedroom Upgrades

9. Frida Table Lamp – Perch, $375. A handmade piece that you’ll want to pass on to your kids. Available in 7 colors.

Buffalo Plaid Gnome

10. Buffalo Plaid Gnome – NORDIKatja, $34. Because any room will be a better place with this gnome in it.

Are you working on any Spring bedroom upgrades? Tell us about it on the comments below.