Interview with Ashley Spierer | Daughter of The Land

Daughter of the Land

If you share our appreciation for small-batch, multi-tasking natural products, you’re going to love Daughter of the Land. Their skincare oils are great for both face and body. There’s one for each skin type, using a handful of natural ingredients to deliver the right amount of moisturizing & nurturing power. I’m a big fan of double-duty products – one less thing to add to the suitcase. I just got back from a family trip to FL, and no matter how light you try to pack, when you’re packing for four you end up looking more like you’re moving than going on vacation. So hooray for these face + body wonders!

Ashley Spierer started Daughter of the land three years ago, and has been growing her brand in Brooklyn ever since. Ashley tells us about how her brand came to be (who knew frizzy hair could be a good thing!), what makes her products unique, and her favorite local spots.

A little trivia about yourself

  • Born & raised: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  • Cups of coffee a day: 2
  • Currently reading: Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard
  • Favorite pizza place: Lucali
  • Hidden talent: This is going to be really boring – from my consulting days: making excel sheets and powerpoint decks!
  • If I didn’t do what I do, I would: Live abroad and work for a social enterprise.

What inspired you to start your business?
My grandfather since I was a little girl told me I should start a business – he was so passionate about entrepreneurship. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be my own boss. I always had in the back of my mind throughout college and my masters that I’d start a business, not having a clue what it would be, and then it happened.

Three years ago while I was working for a startup in India, I brought my familiar supply of body, face and hair products in my luggage. A friend of mine suggested trying coconut oil on my skin and frizzy hair (it was super humid in Chennai!). And that was the start of learning that purely natural ingredients had been used for skin, hair and body in India by women for generations. Single natural ingredients did the work of all the “specialized” products I’d become accustomed to. That was the moment that Daughter of the Land was created; realizing skincare does not need to be complicated, made with a long list of ingredients, and contain a plethora of specific-use products. Skincare can be created naturally and made simply.

What makes your skincare products different?
Daughter of the Land is a line of three multi-use face and body oils, using high-quality, ethically crafted products that offer everything you need in a single bottle. These days we’re told to buy gels for our forehead lines, creams for our eyes, and beautifying balms for just about everything. But we believe that skincare just shouldn’t be that complicated. All of our oils are multi-use, limiting the number of products we “need” in our skincare routine and are made with the highest quality organic and fair trade ingredients.

Simplicity and purpose are at the core of everything we do. Use our oils as a face and body moisturizer, a cleansing oil, a makeup remover, or rub a few drops through your hair to reduce frizz. Each oil is blended with different skin types in mind. We also donate 1% of our sales to 1% for The Planet.

Any exciting plans for the next few months?
I’m working with Killer Films Media on a video/photo shoot next month that is going to be beautiful! We’re showcasing everyday women and their natural beauty.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
To ask for help when I need it.

What neighborhood are you in? What are some of your favorite spots?
I live on the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. There are so many places! I love Shen Beauty for makeup and Mazzola Bakery for coffee and fresh whole wheat croissants in Carroll Gardens. Almost every morning, I go to Fort Greene to The Shala for yoga, followed by Baba Cool across the street for delicious breakfast/lunch!

I’m taking note of the croissants at Mazzola! You can find Daughter of the Land goods at boutiques around Brooklyn, or online on their shop.