Currently Coveting: Heracles by Tabulae Eyewear


It’s October 17th and it’s EIGHTY DEGREES! These Summer vibes have me craving some Ample Hills, and wondering why I put away all my shorts so soon. I’m also coveting the Heracles sunglasses by Tabulae Eyewear. Those avocado frames are pretty sweet.

I love Tabulae because they deliver great design and excellent quality at a fair price. That’s not exactly the norm in the pricey eyewear industry. Troy Singh, the founder, is a reformed optician from the corporate world on a mission to shake up the market with his honest approach. He customizes the lenses in a NYC lab, and is proud of the fact that all their sunglasses are under $100.


I’ve had their Eros for almost a year and they’re my favorite sunglasses I’ve ever had. I always find myself reaching for them rather than my fancy ChloĆ© pair. They have a bit of a vintage feel with a modern, unisex style. They are super lightweight, well-made, and all-around rockstar. I’m constantly misplacing them though, so the Heracles would make a perfect backup.

Check out the collection on, or try them on in person at Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on Nov 26 + 27 at 501 Union.