Currently Coveting: SMOOSH Scrub butters

SMOOSH Scrub butter

Mornings can be a hectic mayhem at our house. I’m always on the lookout for ways to shave off 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there. These lovely small-batch Scrub Butters by SMOOSH score major points by helping you save time (moisturize in the shower! skip the lotion!) while pampering yourself. A mama’s dream, right?

SMOOSH Scrub butter

SMOOSH scrub butters combine the nourishing perks of a body butter with the benefits of an exfoliating scrub into one heavenly blend. Founder Ashley Rae Pearsall brings together her love for design and natural beauty with SMOOSH, creating a fresh beauty experience with all natural ingredients.

$18 for 4oz. Get yours at SMOOSH.