Natural Beauty: Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath

We met the duo behind Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath at our Holiday Bazaar last year and fell in love with their fabulous skincare line – and their infectious enthusiasm.

Lifelong friends Joann Montalto and Itala Pelizzoli launched their natural skincare business to give a fresh, natural alternative to products that pack a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. As we become more conscious about what we put in our bodies, we should also pay close attention to what we put on them, right?

Based in Dyker Heights, they produce a range of small-batch natural skincare products that are just outstanding.


Their So Shea body butter packs an incredible moisturizing power with a light texture. We’re also big fans of their lip balms (coconut + lemongrass, anyone?) and are excited to be offering their pampering soaps on our shop.

The pampering soaps set includes three fabulous bars: Lemongrass (soothing), Lavender (moisturizing) and Bergamot & Grapefruit (exfoliating). Like all Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath products, they use just a handful of natural ingredients. Each soap bar is individually wrapped with biodegradable material.

Joann and Itala tell us a little more about the start of the business – and what product they’re not leaving without this Summer.

When was Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath officially launched?
After a year and a half of research and product developing​ w​e received our license and ​ launched​ our ​business in November 2013.

​What made you guys take the leap and start your own business?​
​We are creative and love natural products for body and bath, so we started with bar soaps and were inspired to do more. We loved the results so we wanted to share with others.

​What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started?
It’s alright to change things around even after it took long to finalize.

​If you could only take one product on a trip with you, which one would you choose?
“Bitter Balm​”. It’s our natural insect repellent… and it truly works!

What would you pick as a gift for a friend? ​
Our Exfoliating Shea Butter bar soap in Rosemary Lavender w/ Cornmeal​ and a jar of “So Shea Body Butter” in Tropic!

What are your favorite spots in your neighborhood?​
Pastosa Ravioli for Italian goods, Luna Park in Coney Island, the beautiful strip of Shore Road by the Hudson River and of course walking around Dyker Heights anytime, especially during the Holiday Lights!

You can find Brooklyn Bar Body & Bath at local markets. Don’t miss them at our upcoming Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on December 14th! Head over to their Facebook page to keep track of upcoming events.