Hand Painted Signs by Dirty Bandits

It’s been five years since we moved into our place in Windsor Terrace, and I’m just now getting the decorating bug. What’s taken me so long? Well, for starters, when we moved in my older son was 5 weeks old. You can imagine what kind of mess that was. Now that my younger monster is working on ditching the diapers, it’s time to bring in some style to the house! This sign from Dirty Bandits seems very appropriate:

Pants Free Zone Handmade Sign | Dirty Bandits

Annica Lydenberg started Dirty Bandits in Sydney, Australia as a t-shirt label. A year later she returned to Brooklyn and relaunched the company as a graphic design firm. Among other things, Annica creates fantastic signs that add style and punch to any room. Typography is her obsession and the main star of her pieces. This ‘Good Night banner’ is perfect to ensure sweet dreams.

Good Night Sign | Dirty Bandits

The hand painted signs use One Shot, a special paint for sign painters. “It has self leveling properties so brush strokes aren’t as visible and it is super opaque, so it can coat smoothly with great coverage with only one coat (theoretically)“, explains Annica. I love the ‘Chalkboard’ series – fun hand-painted chalkboard signs that you can fill in depending on your mood.

Will (blank) for Food | Chalkboard Sign by Dirty Bandits
Will Dance for Food | Chalkboard Sign by Dirty Bandits

There’s a smart, dry sense of humor behind Dirty Bandit’s signs. Annica is quick to talk about her comedy heroes: “Mike Birbiglia is quite easily my favorite comedian, ever since I heard his original story about sleepwalking on the Moth. Other comedians I really love are Dave Chappelle, Eugene Mirman, Patton Oswald. Eddie Murphy, Raw, will always have a special place in my funny bone.

Besides comedy and typography, Annica loves to hand out in Fort Green: “The farmers market and the Brooklyn Flea are my favorite way to start a weekend. Fish tacos at Calexico in Greenpoint make me happy any day of the week. I love hanging out with my friends at their restaurant, soon to be called Martha (formerly Brooklyn Sandwich Society), it has a killer backyard. Weather Up and Hot Bird are my favorite spots to go for a drink. The Bell House for awesome story telling and comedy events.

Dirty Bandits has a lot in store for the coming months: “I’m putting together a collaborative show with some photographers I admire and have wanted to work with using the Fill In the Blank signs I’ve been painting. I’m sketching now for a new series of signs I’m calling ‘Love for Sale’. And some actual client work.

You can find Dirty Bandits’ hand painted signs and more fabulous crafts on their Etsy store.