Creative Hats for Tots: Hooked on Yarning

When my younger son was a toddler, I had to fight with him all winter long to keep his hat on. The kid barely had any hair and was prone to ear infections, so I was pretty neurotic about keeping his head warm and covered, but he was just as determined to throw the thing away as far as he could. If I had come across Hooked on Yarning back then, things might have been different. What kid wouldn’t love to wear these rad (and cozy) hats?

Hooked on Yarning

The fun, chunky hats are handmade with love by Jacqueline Fifield, the designer behind Hooked on Yarning. Crocheting has been part of her life since her cousin and mom taught her at a very young age. “I must have made a million crooked scarves. (And don’t even get me started on my first attempts at knitting!) But I started young, so I guess my uniquely shaped scarves were my version of ‘coloring outside the lines’“.

Hooked on Yarning

Jacqueline makes her hats to order. Her very first hat, which was the seed to her business, came in as a custom order from her employer: “She had seen some hats and fingerless gloves I had made. She asked if I could make a dinosaur hat for her son, and I told her I would give it a shot. […] I was inspired to make monster hats, I thought silly, ugly faces like that would be really fun on a hat… and I could add spikes and stuff like I did on the dinosaur hat!”

Jacqueline Fifield of Hooked on Yarning

After getting her BA in Musical Theater, Jacqueline spent several years working behind-the-scenes doing lighting design. “I LOVED it. It was like painting with light.” The theater world brought her to New York, where she worked in many gigs until the lifestyle began to wear her down. She now has more stability (and a normal schedule) at a law firm, and Hooked on Yarning is her creative outlet. “Through all of this, though, I have always had my yarn, hooks and needles. It wasn’t until just a couple years ago that I realized how much I truly loved it, and I really began to create. Prior to this revelation, I had been making scarves and blankets sort of absent-mindedly. It was just something I did as a pastime.

In the next few months Jacqueline wants to focus on expanding her line of children’s accessories. She also plans on adding goods for adults too. We are looking forward to seeing more cozy creative goodness from her this winter!

You can find Hooked on Yarning’s cool hats on their Etsy store. Jacqueline will be at our upcoming Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on December 14th, don’t miss it!