Summer Break | 10 Things I Miss About Spain

Brooklyn Makers is on summer break! I have lots of exciting stuff to share with you in September. Until then, I’m recharging in Spain for a couple of weeks, visiting family and being very disciplined about doing very little. This kind of landscape makes you slow down the pace and really forget about the craziness 3500 miles away.

Summer Break in Spain

It’s a treat to spend a few weeks here. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the US, and as much as I love Brooklyn, there are many things that I miss from Spain. Here’s a quick list:

  1. Vino with lunch
  2. $2 beers (okay, enough with the booze)
  3. Endless daylight – it stays light until 9.30pm
  4. Artisanal shoes at a great price. Spain is shoe heaven.
  5. A ‘Plaza Mayor’ or central square in every town, no matter how small, where people get together during the day and sometimes hang out until well after midnight.
  6. Magdalenas – a humble, sweet cousin of the muffin.
  7. The pharmacies, guys. European pharmacies are bananas.
  8. Fresh, delicious local fruit everywhere, at about a quarter of the cost of fruit in NY.
  9. A spotless, high-tech and inexpensive public transportation system. Wish the MTA would take some notes.
  10. Radio 3. WFUV comes kinda close, but not quite.

There are, of course, things that I did not at all miss. The overabundance of techno music on the radio comes to mind. Stores closed for hours in the middle of the day is the downside to long lunches possibly followed by a siesta. $30 books make it hard for me to keep up with Spanish authors. The enormous amount of time people spend thinking about what other people think is one of the things I really wish I could change about Spaniards. But the thing is, when you’re on vacation, you focus more on the good stuff.

Vacation mode continues for another ten days. The Brooklyn Makers Shop will resume shipping on August 26th. Hope everyone is having a fabulous August! Do you have things you miss / don’t miss about where you grew up?