10 Hip Made in Brooklyn Onesies

It’s pretty obvious that there is not exactly a shortage of babies in Brooklyn. Many designers are catering to this pint-size population, born and raised in Kings County. Their bold, graphic designs are a far cry from the dainty flowers and boxy trucks babies have to put up with. We’ve rounded up 10 cool Brooklyn onesies for hip little ones, made locally by independent designers.

Brooklyn Onesie - Tugboat
Brooklyn Tugboat Onesie by Gnome Enterprises, $26. We love watching the old tugboats chugging up the East River from the Dumbo waterfront.

Brooklyn Onesies - I'm so Brooklyn
Stacked Pink Onesie
by I’m So Brooklyn, $24. Card-carrying Brooklynites, show your Brooklyn pride!

Brooklyn Onesie - Love
Love Onesie by Brooklyn Junior, $26. This fabulous red onesie works great for boys and girls alike.

Under the Sea Onesie
Under the Sea Onesie
by Winter Water Factory, $38. We love the all-over print designs from Winter Water Factory.

Brooklyn Bridge Onesie by Brooklyn Junior, $26. We love the colorful contrast and hand-drawn lines.

Anchor Brooklyn Onesies
Anchor Onesie by Gnome Enterprises, $26. Brooklyn’s strong nautical history is the theme of this cool design for little sailors.

Kentile Floors
Kentile Floors Onesie in Burnt Orange
by Live Poultry, $25. You can still check out this Brooklyn landmark from the F train!

Headphones Onesie by Brooklyn Junior
Headphones Onesie by Brooklyn Junior, $26. Whether they’re into The Beatles or Laurie Berkner, they’ll rock this bright from Brooklyn Junior.

Brooklyn Mustache Onesie
Brooklyn Mustache Onesie by Gnome Enterprises, $26. It started with a mustache, and now we’re moving on to beards, suspenders, and anything with a 1930s look. This is the perfect onesie for a little Brooklyn hipster!

Do you have a favorite local kids clothing designer? Does your baby have a super rad Brooklyn onesie? Let us know in the comments below!