Ties everywhere are getting a lipo, y’all.
SKINNYFATTIESPhoto Credit: Kerry Diane Finerty. Model: Ian Philips

SKINNYFATTIES takes big ol’ ties out of the darkest, deepest corner of the closet and gives them a makeover to get them back in action. The concept is simple: you send in your old ties, and the SKINNYFATTIES team tailors them by hand. You get them back within a week in a lovely gift-ready tin can.

SKINNYFATTIES - packagingPhoto Credit: Mumford Photo

We love the SKINNYFATTIES concept because not only is it sustainable, but it also gives back. For each tie purchase, $1 goes to support Career Gear, a non-profit organization that helps low-income men transition into the workforce.

The company was started in the most unexpected way. Joshua Brueckner, the man behind the show, was having a tough time coming up with cash for ‘interview clothes’ when he was looking for a job in the summer of 2012. He started tailoring second-hand button-down shirts and then his own ties to update their look. Friends soon started sending requests, and SKINNYFATTIES was born in July 2012.

SKINNYFATTIES Joshua BruecknerPhoto Credit: Adrian Morales

Joshua tells us more about the upcoming ready-made line, his all-time favorite tie (above), and his favorite spots in Greenpoint.

Do you have a design background?
Design background? Not the slightest. I studied music.

Are you planning on launching a ready-made line?
A SKINNYFATTIES exclusive collection has been in the works for a few months now. We’re developing the ultimate line – after tailoring hundreds of ties, we’ve taken notes and will be taking some major design risks. Think subtle with pops of color and interesting hardware. We’re pumped about our very first collection and plan on it being released in two months.

What’s your favorite tie you own?
It’s a wool tie that I found in a Los Angeles thrift store years ago (and was the first tie I ever tailored). [Joshua is wearing the tie in question in the photo above]

What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood?
I live in Greenpoint and luckily work out of an office nearby. I love One Stop Beer Shop because of their expansive collection of beers and delicious cocktails, and I adore Pie Corps for making me a dessert guy – check them out, you will be drunk and happy for days.

Well that sounds like a plan! You can find out more about how to send in your ties on the SKINNYFATTIES website.