Fun Hair Clips by Brooklyn Owl

My older son spotted Brooklyn Owl‘s fun goods from the other end of the holiday fair we were at a few months ago. He ran to the stand with a big smile and looked at me with a face that said “this is the coolest stuff in the whole wide world!”. A few minutes later, he was proudly wearing one of Brooklyn Owl’s signature unicorn horn hair clips:
Brooklyn Owl Grey Unicorn Horn

Cause, you know, unicorns are awesome.

Brooklyn Owl creates fun, colorful hair clips and other creative felt goods that kids and grown ups alike love. This is what childhood should be like: bright, imaginative and ready to play. Meet Lyn, the sweet owl clip full of Brooklyn pride:
Brooklyn Owl Hair Clip

Their handmade hair clips can be worn alone or with one of their original head bands, with slots for up to seven clips.
Brooklyn Owl headband

Annie Bruce started Brooklyn Owl two years ago. She tells us about how the name came to be, her inspiration, her role with the EtsyNY team, and her favorite spots in Park Slope.
Annie and her daughter Bee at the studio

When did you start Brooklyn Owl?
Brooklyn Owl started two years ago when my two year old daughter Bee and I fell in love with the owls at the Prospect Park Zoo. “Owl” was one of her first words and it prompted me to start sewing owls and Brooklyn Owl was created!

Where does your inspiration come from?
My daughter is a big inspiration to me and she dreams up a lot of the things I make. The owl hair clips, rainbow garlands and the unicorn horns were all her ideas. I am also inspired by the different things I see in New York City: fashions, buildings and people.

Do you have a design background?
Well, if participating in every art project I could get my hands on since i was a kid counts, then yes. Creativity is a prerequisite in my family. My mom was a designer/artist/seamstress that passed away when I was 22 and since then, when I sew, I feel closer to her.

You run all aspects of your business yourself. What’s the most challenging part?
The biggest challenge is balancing my business with my family and social life. Managing my time takes a lot of effort. It’s challenging to fit everything in during the day because I put a lot of hours into my business.

You also find time to work with the EtsyNY team. What’s your role there?
When I joined the EtsyNY team in 2011 I knew I wanted to be involved as much as possible. I quickly joined the Social Events team and then the Twitter team. This fall I became the Operations Director. I am super excited to be more involved in the team. The Operations Director assists in influencing the team’s direction as well supervising a number of leaders and individual teams that make EtsyNY run smoothly.

What does Brooklyn Owl have in store for 2013?
New products and designs, bright colors and new fabrics are in store for this year!

Were you a girly girl when you were little?
I grew up with two brothers and 3 boy cousins. I was not quite a girly girl, more of a sporty girl, but I did love my dance classes!

What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood?
Being a mom to a 4 year old I love spending time with my daughter on adventures in the neighborhood. One of our favorite outings involve a stop at Hanco’s for a tofu sandwich and a bubble tea. I love Song, The Dram Shop, The Superhero Supply Store, Odd Twin and many more places! Park Slope has so many awesome spots! When spring and summer comes you can be sure to find me in Prospect Park, the BBG and playing in the sand in Coney Island!

Brooklyn Owl’s handmade goods are available at and many retailers nationwide.