Letterpress Love – Papersheep

Valentine’s day is looming in the horizon. I’ve got it covered!

Papersheep Letterpress Love Card

Papersheep is a print shop and design studio run by Gina Houseman, a creative powerhouse that makes beautiful, no-fuss stationery and custom invitations. Her designs focus on typography, patterns and geometric shapes, as well as original illustrations.

One of Papersheep’s first creations (and one of my faves) was their side-opening cards:

I love their cleverly simple any-occasion cards, for when you just want to say hi.

Hey Sailor everyday letterpress cards by Papersheep

Like a lot of businesses, Papersheep was born out of a passion that Gina didn’t expect at first to become a full-time dedication: “I launched Papersheep in 2009 after learning how to print on a letterpress at The Arm in Williamsburg. I had been working in the photo industry for several years in NYC and was longing to get back to graphic design, which is what I studied in college. After a class at The Arm my love for patterns and typography was reignited in this vintage printing process. I fell in love with the tactile beauty and hands-on process and began making cards right away under the name Papersheep.”

If you are like me, you’re probably still writing dates as ‘January 2012’. For all you forgetful late-comers to 2013, there’s still time to get one of Papersheep’s incredible calendars.

Papersheel Letterpress Calendar

Inspired by Gina’s travels and her architecture background, the calendar takes you to Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Iceland and of course Brooklyn. Gina is a real serial traveler: “I do make it a priority to travel as often as I can, as I find it essential to informing my design. And I’m very lucky to have a wonderful sister as my travel companion. We have a goal to take one big trip a year to somewhere new and explore it. Often we combine several cities into one trip. Our latest excursion was this fall to Costa Rica, and there is talk of Canada for next year. There is nothing like the feeling of walking into a new place and navigating your way through the exciting and unfamiliar. I love that experience and sharing it with others through design.”

Papersheep knit letterpress cards

This is going to be a busy year for Papersheep. Gina is making the jump to devote herself to her business full time. In addition to new letterpress designs, she’s excited to be exploring textiles with her new Home Goods products: “I’ve been dreaming of launching [this] for some time now. I tested out an organic cotton scarf and some linen tea towels this holiday season and they both did very well! So I’ll be formally launching those lines, and adding notebooks and larger prints to the collection as well. I love making and filling a home with love and things that add warmth, so these products will have my same aesthetic and sentiment as my stationery. I’ve got loads of ideas in this direction, so stay tuned for wallpaper and much more.”

You can shop Papersheep at papersheeponline.com.