Colorful Geometry by Maps of Imaginary Places

A few weeks ago I set off on the search for a case for my new phone. With two technology-loving kiddos in the house and a deceased phone already on their record, a case is crucial. I got pretty overwhelmed quickly – there’s some 50 billion to choose from. The stars aligned in a magical pattern and I came across this one by Maps of Imaginary Places just as my head was starting to spin.

Maps of Imaginary Places is the creative outlet of Christina Panarese, an interface designer and front-end developer who has had an interest in shapes since a tender age: “I was good at geometry in high school and still remember quite a bit. So some of my designs are based on the Pythagorean Theorem, others are more about calculating the angles of a shape to understand how it fits into other shapes“.

This note card (sold as a set of 3 for $12) is pretty perfect to send some bright holiday cheer:

The results are fascinating color explosions. Christina loves experimenting with the interaction of shapes and colors. Some of the designs are very structured, creating a pattern:

Others are more free-form and almost seem to be in motion:

Christina’s geometric designs are available at Society 6¬†as prints, notecards, iPhone cases and iPad / laptop skins. She loves being able to connect with people through her designs: “I had a great time putting this collection together and thought other people might enjoy it too, that’s the best part. ¬†Whether people are reblogging shapes on Tumblr or a pinning them to their inspiration board on Pinterest, I know that I made someone feel good that day“.