Say Hi: Moogoo Prints

Any day is good to send a handwritten note. It’s such a great surprise to see a little envelope from somebody you care about, in the mist of all the copays, random junk, and 2 lbs of unwanted catalogs (a sample of my mail). By the way, if you haven’t joined, you should. They help ensure Restoration Hardware and the like don’t consume the entire rainforest for their catalog-making.

Whether we’ve been directly affected by Sandy or not, we’re all pretty shaken and need some cheering up. Moogoo Prints comes to the rescue with their beautiful line of greeting cards.

Moogoo Prints is run by Thalia Leng, an urban planner and designer with a buzzing creative side. For a long time she was creating cards and announcements for friends and family. She recently got involved in letterpress and started getting more serious about printmaking – the fun hobby became a business and Moogoo Prints was born. And where does that funny name come from, you wonder?

That’s Thalia’s sweet dog Oskie, aka Moogoo, who might be a shareholder but, according to Thalia, “is a terrible helper”. Moogoo’s designs are uncomplicated, fun and bright. The creative process starts with a scribble or doodle, which gets translated into high quality digital prints.

Moogoo also creates custom designs for weddings, baby announcements, business and calling cards, etc. For those pieces, Thalia prefers to use letterpress printing.

Moogoo Prints - custom letterpress wedding invitation

I hope that very soon we’ll be able to send this one to our friends who have been hit by Sandy.

Thalia created that card when she moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan. A West-Coast girl at heart, Thalia wasn’t particularly fond of Manhattan, where she had recently relocated, but the move to Greenpoint made everything better: “I love the culture of my surrounding neighborhoods, from the ultimate hipster hangouts in Williamsburg to the Polish families in Greenpoint and the growing number of strollers coming to the hood. It makes for a fun and interesting dynamic and gives me constant inspiration. My husband is an avid biker and has found mecca in our neighborhood.

Moogoo Prints cards are available at their Etsy store. For more info about their custom invitations and announcements, visit their website,