Cozy Hats by Rocks and Salt

It’s FREEZING. And, despite my efforts, Daylight savings time was not suspended.

I’m not cut for cold weather. If it wasn’t for how much pie and cookies we are allowed to eat this time of the year, I don’t know what I would do. As much as I love Brooklyn, I wouldn’t mind if our winters lasted a little less (say, two or three months instead of what feels like half a year) and somebody turned up the heat a little.

On the upside of things, we get to accessorize. Cold weather means hats are back in business. Rocks and Salt has some creative, stylish and warm offerings for the season, for both men and women.

People overlook the health benefits of hats. I’m serious. When my first son was born, I was pretty clueless about how to handle the small creature. I took off his sock cap to check out his stunning jet-black hair and one of the nurses at Methodist Hospital pointed out that babies lose heat through their head and also their feet, which is why they are always accessorized at the top and wear those lovely booties. I immediately put the cap back on and became militant about hats since then, for kids and grown-ups alike, and not just the newsboy variety that I have been known to wear since my college years. Speaking of which, Rocks and Salt makes fabulous newsboy and cycling hats.

Rocks and Salt is run by husband and wife team Phil and Sara. She tells us a bit about how the business started:

“When we started our business back in 2005 we were working in natural foods cooking and baking, as well as some dabbling in music and retail.

We took a transformational three month trip to Brazil and when we returned we still had some savings, we were living in a big, cheap loft in Williamsburg, and we were tired of going to work at 5 a.m. I (Sara) had been making a few hats on the side and selling them at a boutique on Bedford Avenue and it seemed to be working. So we thought we’d give it a go full time. I had learned to sew from my Mom and I taught Phil, who picked it up very quickly – the first thing he ever made was a corduroy travel bag for his guitar before our trip!”

Now it’s seven (almost eight!) years later, and the creativity and attention to detail hasn’t stopped. Case in point, their line of ‘hooded cowls’, which joins a hat and a scarf together creating a cozy and beautiful result:

You can find Rocks and Salt’s handmade hats at the Brooklyn Makers Shop.Rocks and Salt will be at the BK Craft Central on December 22nd & 23rd in Gowanus. Their hats can also be found at Red Pearl in Williamsburg, Better Than Jam in Bushwick, and Cog and Pearl in Park Slope.