Upcycled kids clothes by Kallio

At this point, you probably know that I’m crazy about upcycled goods. One of the very first posts on Brooklyn Makers was about Reiter8’s awesome bags and housewares made from salvaged sails. I love the idea of creating something entirely different and beautiful out of something that is headed to the landfill. That’s the idea behind Kallio, a new line of super-cool kids clothing beautifully crafted from vintage mens shirts.

Hooded light jacket by Kallio

Kids playing dress up with their parents’ clothes is where their inspiration comes from: the brand reinvents daddy’s shirts and turns them into fun, one-of-a-kind pieces. Sizes range from 12 months to 8 years.

This romper kind of makes me think about a #3. But only for a millisecond.

Romper by Kallio

Sophisticated style meets comfort. Love this dress.

Dress by Kallio

Karina Kallio is the designer behind the brand. She explains her process: “This first season of Kallio is cut from pre-loved men’s shirts which are collected, sorted, dissected, re-sewn in ethical factories and given new life. Nothing is wasted. The basic clothing from previous generations becomes the fashion of the next. The cycle continues”.

Originally from Australia, Karina settled in Brooklyn five years ago after traveling around the world with her job in the fashion industry. She was focused on concept design then, and recently decided it was time to “do something closer to home and focus my attention to sustainable local design practices“.

Kallio’s unique clothes for kids can be purchased at the Brooklyn Makers Shop.