Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

Now that Sandy has left, it’s time to clean up and pick up the pieces. A lot of people are looking for ways they can help. Some want to donate clothes or supplies, some want to volunteer. The response has been amazing, as New Yorkers show time and time again.

One hugely important thing we can all do in the coming weeks and months is to support our local businesses that have been hit by the disaster.┬áCommercial kitchens flooded, battered shops, businesses unable to open for a full week. This holiday season it’s going to be more important than ever to shop local.

One particular shop has been on my mind for the last few days: Steve’s Key Lime Pie.

photo credit: Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

Like a lot of Red Hook businesses, they’ve been hit hard.

Their famous pies can’t be compared to anything else, cause they’re the absolute best in the key lime pie arena. Whenever we have Steve’s pie, I think of the first time I tried it. My husband and I and our newborn baby were staying at the fabulous B&B At Home in Brooklyn, while we were in between apartments. One night after dinner, Don (the owner at the B&B) served Steve’s pie for dessert. I was exhausted and had no appetite, but my sweet tooth prevailed, and I gotta tell you, that slice of pie cheered me up more than you would think it should be possible. The next day, an expedition to the Red Hook shop ensued.

That was four and a half years ago, and since then I’ve made it many times to the Red Hook shop. Their pies are made the old school way: it start with premium, minimally-processed graham crumbs and a good dose of butter, which together produce a unique, cookie-like crust. They get fresh condensed milk from a Mid-West dairy, add egg yolks and fresh-squeezed key lime juice. Simple, high-quality ingredients that create a show-stopping pie.

In the coming weeks, after they are able to get their bakery back in action, Steve’s Key Lime pies (available in 10-inch, 8-inch and 4-inch sizes) will be back in action at their Red Hook shop (204 Van Dyke Street) and at retailers throughout Brooklyn, including Union Market and Brooklyn Fare. Be sure to pick one up, I can guarantee it will brighten your day.