Creative T-shirts by Lucky Fish

Not all t-shirts are created equal. I am all for stocking on basics for the kids at Zara. An overwhelming portion of my credit card points get turned into gift cards for the Gap. We all need functional clothes that won’t break the bank.

But then there are shirts that you’re excited to wear. The ones that you want to photograph your kids in, the ones that start conversations, that you hold on to for years (and that don’t disintegrate after a few washes). The ones that are worth the splurge. How’s this for an example?

lucky fish women's t-shirt

Or this:

lucky fish boys tank

Yes, boys and girls, men and women, you’re all in luck. The amazing designs by Lucky Fish are not limited to one age group or gender. The kids collection is fun, creative and vibrant without being too ‘kiddie’, which is refreshing. The women’s line is feminine and hip, minus the hipster. And the guys?

lucky fish men's t-shirt

They get pretty awesome designs that not just metrosexuals will wear. So the whole family is happily well dressed.

Lucky Fish started in a garage on a beach vacation, when Jann Cheifitz started printing t-shirts for her kids and her friends’. Now she silk-screens each t-shirt by hand at her Gowanus studio. Born in South Africa, Jann began working with clothes in the mid-1980s, when during the height of the apartheid movement a group of artists would print shirts to display political messages and, while they were at it, some just for their personal style. Jann explains the story behind the name:

As kids in SA we would say “you lucky fish” to someone who had gotten, done or become something enviable. And that’s what inspired the company’s name.

lucky fish t-shirts girls

The designs are inspired by Jann’s upbringing in South Africa and her many trips all over the world. After all that traveling, Jann has found her home in Brooklyn and, after 9 years in the borough, it looks like she’s staying put.

[I love] the more laid back energy of Brooklyn and the entrepreneurial surprises. I like how people live in their homes more as opposed to the city. I like street sales, lemonade stands. I like the mustaches! I like that we have beaches!

Lucky Fish t-shirts and home goods can be purchased through their website, or at these Brooklyn boutiques: A. Cheng in Park Slope, Acorn in Boerum Hill, Smoochie Baby in Williamsburg and Cloth in Fort Greene.