Unique plates & bowls by atelierBB

Over the summer break, I got a pack of dummy clay and set off with my 4 year old to make a plate and a cup. It was a big mess and an equally major hit, but needless to say our creations didn’t look anything like this:

Biscuit bowl & Crumby bowl by atelierBB

The Wobbly plates and Belly bowls by atelierBB are show-stoppers. The handmade bowls, plates and platters are colorful, fun and unique. These are not just plates that you serve food on, they are plates you want to talk about. They come in different patterns and sizes and, amazingly, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

bundle of spring wobbly bowls by atelierBB

Each piece is individually made with attention to detail. Check out one of the lovely patterns available:

atelierBB - detail

atelierBB was started by Brigitte Bouquet, an artist who began working with ceramics 16 years ago and combines her sculptural work with her gorgeous line of bright tableware. Originally from Amsterdam, Brigitte has been living and working in Brooklyn for the last 5 years.