Nuts about milk: OMilk

Let me start by saying I am a dairy junkie. I like my cheese the stinkier the better, yogurt is my good friend, I am strongly pro-butter. However, when it comes to milk, I prefer dairy-free. And here is how I recently came across OMilk: my husband was on a Manhattan shopping mission with our 4-year-old as a sidekick. It turned out to be a father-and-son bonding trip that ended up at Dean and Deluca over french fries. While he was there, he picked up a bottle of OMilk’s cashew milk.

omilk almond and cashew milk bottles

Boy, did I want to keep the bottle all to myself. Lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar and vanilla bean, this cashew milk is thick, velvety and delicious. It makes a pretty satisfying snack by itself. OMilk stands out from other nut milks because they don’t use any stabilizers, which most nut milks use to prevent separation. But you know what? Not only is the lack of stabilizers more natural, but it also makes for more interesting milk mustaches, speckled with little bits of cashews. Their almond milk is strained so it’s thinner and less speckly (made up word of the day), a little closer to regular milk.

OMilk was started in the summer of 2011 by Brooklyn-based husband and wife team Julie and Greg Van Ullen.

omilk greg and julie

The pair began to make nut milk in an effort to cut animal fats. The goods left their house soon: “Julie would bring the cashew milk to work as a mid-afternoon snack and her coworkers kept hogging it. We started selling it to them, and when we came back from our honeymoon it seemed like a fun project to sell at a market for a few weekends… but the demand for a high-quality dairy alternative blew us away“. They sold out at Brooklyn Flea for the rest of the year. They set up their home delivery service over the winter and a few months later came Dean and Deluca. They plan to be selling to Brooklyn stores in the future.

In addition to their cashew and almond milk, OMilk offers seasonal flavors that are available for delivery and at the markets. For the summer they have a cold-brew coffee almond milk that I need to get my hands on ASAP.

Now, if you compare it with the nut milks you can find at the store, you’ll argue that this is pretty expensive ($10 for 32oz, or $12 for seasonal flavors). But we’re not talking about the same product. This is fresh nut milk made in small batches with none of the funky stuff. You can immediately taste the difference. The only comparable product is the Blue Print cashew milk, which is pricier and I’m sorry but it’s not made in Brooklyn by a small business.

So go over to the Flea or buddy up with a friend and try out their delivery service. The milk man returns! Except this time, he’s off of dairy.