Letterpress goods by Heartfish Press

Japanese-born Hijiri Shepherd is the designer behind the beautiful letterpress goods of Heartfish Press. And when I say beautiful, I mean bananas-kind of awesome. Here’s one of their Alphabet greeting cards.

Heartfish Press - L is for Love
Heartfish Press - L is for Love

The seeds for the letterpress studio were planted innocently four years ago. “I started my design blog called Heartfish in 2008 and also, started taking a letterpress class in New York City. Every week, I was posting about my letterpress class and the prints I made in the class. One of them was the “Live What You Love” print. Some readers contacted me and asked if I was selling the print. So I set up an Etsy shop and everything started from there. I fell in love with letterpress and never stopped printing since!

This is the guilty print that started everything, available in a bunch of lovely colors. Suggested use: frame and place over computer, stare at intently when stress spikes:

heartfish live what you love print

Heartfish Press was launched on January 11th, 2011 (at 1:11pm to be exact!). Since then they have been building a strong line of products with careful attention to detail. Besides their fun prints, posters and note cards they also offer design services for wedding invitations, baby announcements, business cards and more. Now don’t you think something like this would make you look (and feel) slightly better than a Vistaprint cheapy?

heartfish business card

Hijiri has planted solid roots in Brooklyn. She recently created this awesome limited-edition print, which is an awesome gift, or can be framed to show Brooklyn pride:

Limited Edition Brooklyn Print by Heartfish Press

Heartfish Press products are sustainably printed using 100% cotton paper and soy-based ink. You go, Hijiri! Check out more cool paper goods at the Brooklyn Makers Store.