Snack bags by Bugsella

I hate plastic, and I love pretty fabrics. I also have two little kids who seem to go malnourished every 30 minutes. So I was meant to come across Bugsella’s beautiful snack bags.

I’ve purchased similar fabric bags, but the patterns that designer/mom Julie Peng uses are fun and unique. The size is also more generous than most other bags: at 6.5×7.5 inches, these bags can help grown-ups stay organized as well. Best of all? Bugsella supports many worthy causes, such as Citymeals-on-Wheels or

[updated Jan 2014] Bugsella has recently added a new line of portable art rolls, which are great to keep art supplies neat and pack small enough to carry on-the-go. A great way to keep little ones busy at the restaurant or while waiting at the doctor’s office. The art rolls can be used with crayons, or longer supplies like pencils or brushes.

You can now find Bugsella‘s sustainable accessories on our Brooklyn Makers Shop.